Make Sure Your Machinery Is Equipped With Well-Made Parts

Choose us for advanced precision machining in the Garden City & Boise, ID area

Specialized machines need unique parts to function correctly. Advanced Precision Machining can create the machine parts you need. We offer advanced precision machining in Garden City & Boise, ID and the surrounding areas. Using modern tools and proven techniques, we can build parts accurately and cost-effectively.

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We can work with a variety of businesses

We can work with a variety of businesses

We have a proven track record of success working with start-ups, governmental entities and Fortune 500 companies. We extend our manufacturing services to a variety of industries in the Garden City & Boise, ID area, including:

  • Life science
  • Medicine
  • Bio-research
  • Virtual reality
  • Aerospace
  • Defense
  • Energy
  • Food Processing
  • Electronics
  • Custom Tooling

You can expect us to build the parts you need in a timely manner and within your budget. We also adhere to a wide range of regulatory standards and guidelines. Contact us today for more information.